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Live Mass Recordings

As many of you know, we now have a Live Feed service in the Parish, enabling us to broadcast (and record) the Daily as well as the Sunday Masses.

The recordings will be available shortly after the mass, when the video is uploaded.

So first of all: we would like to thank our viewers – as we had more than 150 different households connected with us during last Sunday Mass!

To view the recording is very simple: go to the Live Feed menu, then select the Recordings tab (check the image below).

A direct link to last Sunday Mass’ (October 18th 2020) Recording (for Viewing and Downloading) can be accessed here

Live Mass Broadcast Updates

Here we go again! Last Sunday we had unfortunate technical issues which prevented our Sunday mass broadcast.

After solving the issues, we are happy to announce we will have our first Sunday mass broadcasted this Sunday October 18th at 11am – this will also be recorded, in case anyone misses it!

Click the ‘Live Feed‘ button on our website’s menu to watch it!
Otherwise, here is the direct link to share with friends:

All are Welcome! – Fáilte Isteach!

Note about Thiago Cortes RIP

St Michael’s faith community wishes to extend its sincere sympathy to all the Brazillian community in the Parish and throughout Dublin and  Ireland,  on the recent,  tragic and untimely death of their fellow country man, Thiago Cortes. 

May he Rest in Peace. Solas na bhFlaitheas dó. 
We pray for his parents and family and friends. We pray that justice will be done for Thiago.

“A Comunidade da Paróquia St. Michaels deseja, por meio desta, extender os sinceros pêsames e simpatia a todos os membros da Comunidade Brasileira na Paróquia, em Dublin e na Irlanda em função da recente e trágica morte do seu conterrâneo Thiago Côrtes. Que ele descanse em paz ao lado de Deus.

Ainda, rezamos para o conforto de seus familiares, parentes e amigos, e para que a justiça seja feita para Thiago”.

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