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Parish Newsletter – September 2023

Here is the Parish Newsletter for September 2023.

Parish Newsletter – April 2023

Beannacht na Cásca Oraibh! 

A Happy Easter to Everyone from St Michael’s Parish.

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Parish Newsletter – February 2023

Please find attached the Parish Newsletter for February 2023.


This year, the Dublin Diocesan Communications Department has put together a short video for Safeguarding Sunday.

Please also find a letter from the Archbishop of Dublin, Dermot Farrell, regarding Safeguarding – at the following link.


In April 2022, 75 parishioners took part in the Synodal process at St Michael’s.

The questions explored what are the Joys, Sorrows, Fears and Hopes in our experience of Church today.

The feedback suggests that the faithful love and care for their Church and value their faith community, treasuring their shared faith experience and personal relationship with God and the positive role of the Church especially in the area of social care and justice.

They are deeply concerned about the Church’s future and see the need for change as being critical to its survival in Ireland. While Pope Francis is seen as a beacon for change, overall, people are concerned about the leadership of the Church and question its commitment to change and collaboration with the laity. Many are afraid that real change may come too late.

Deep upset was expressed at the loss of the youth and the lack of inclusion of marginal groups such as LGBTQ and the divorced in the Church. Legalism and rules are seen as predominating over love.

People see the equal role of women in Church ministry and administration as being essential to its change and growth – even to its survival, and would like priests to be given the option to marry.

Overall, the feedback suggests that the faith community are clear about what changes they understand are needed and would lead the hierarchy into the future if allowed and if heard.

See the final report of St Michael’s on the file below:

See the final report on the Synod from the Dublin Diocese at the link below:

Dublin-Diocesan-Synod-Report.pdf (

June 2022 Parish Newsletter

Hi there! Please find attached the Parish Newsletter for June 2022!

Living the Hope of Easter

Synodal Pathway

Advent newsletter

Please find attached our Advent newsletter!

October 2021 Parish Newsletter

Here is the October Newsletter, containing important information and news from our parish!